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Pick-Up from:
Hotels in Sorrento, Naplesi, Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, Pompeii or other Place;
Airport Naples, Rome;
Port Naples, Civitavecchia, Salerno;
If you find yourself in other places not listed above, no problem. We come to pick you up and take you back wherever you are.



The ancient city of Pompeii was built around the VI. century before Christ. The Romans annexed the prosperous Pompeii towards the IV. century before Christ and this had an increase in population but also trade. Several rich families of the time set up villas around the city extending to the foot of Vesuvius. The eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD buried much of the city making it uninhabitable, the heavy damage caused by Vesuvius is still visible today. Part of the city over the years has been cleared of ashes and, although several buildings and villas are partially accessible, you can still see the architecture and construction techniques of the time. The Amphitheater, the many villas, the museum, the forum, the theater, the pupplici baths, demonstrate the well-being of the pompeans of that time. A unique experience to relive.

- Temple of Juno and Minerva
- Temple of Apollo
- House of the Vetti
- Temple of Venus
- Forum

The Piazza dei Pompeani, an important center for meetings, markets, where public life had and took its character.

Villa of the Mysteries
In this building you can see artistic works of the time still in good condition, despite the years.

The new city of Pompeii, built on the right side of the excavations, is typical of the other surrounding towns. The evidence is the Basilica of the Madonna del Rosario, a proof of architectural and artistic skill. An experience not to be missed, as well as the adjacent museum.


After the excavations of Pompeii, the nearby Herculaneum also offers many possibilities to relive the Roman era from close proximity with many artistic beauties. The well-preserved archaeological excavations of the city give a broad view of how the population lived at that time.
The most important church is that of Santa Maria della consolazione. Located in the historic city, it has enormous artistic value. It was also a papal basilica in the middle of the last century. Other churches with a lot of history and artistic value in the area, like almost all the Italian churches:

- Church of Santa Maria del Pilar
- Parish Church of Santa Caterina
- Church of the Savior
- Church of the Royal Archconfraternity of SS. Trinity
- Church of San Vito

Something wonderful about medieval architecture is located along Corso Resina, beautiful villas built by famous architects of the time. The most beautiful Villa Campolieto, Villa Ruggiero, Villa Aprile, Villa Favorita.

Entry ticket (€ 18,00 Pompeii - € 14,00 Ercolaneum - € 15,00 Paestum - € 14,00 Vesuvius, € 7,00 Ravello - Villa Cimbrone) ist not included in the tour price.
[1] Short stops on the tour, if you like, are possible.


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From Naples, Rome, Salerno to Amalfi Coast.
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